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Welcome on the redWeb Blog

Were Glad Youre Here. Here you will find the daily output of our Team, a lot about msic, foto and videography but also article about Philosophy and Ideology with a few tricks we and our friends use Daily to help make us live healthy and stresse free eatch day.
We hope we can inspire you, or you may let you intertain by our artistic projects.

Iamge Description

What is this blog for anyway?

Well about Art & Ideology in the first place. We talk and write article about modern audio/visual arts, about the projects from redWeb & partners. You will find a lot of behind the scene and article about how and why we do our Art the way we doing it. Far away from art we will discuss about our ideology myth and life Hacks we discover and help us being someone better living a better life.

The concept of the my-redWeb univers was to build it like a box countaining all our different point of interrest and share it with the rest of the world. All the article you will find on our Blog/Magazin came from another Website of one of our partners! We love the systeme of the major soscial networks witch got a main page were they're showing you the newest post from differente person you're connected with. As we won't to create some new sozial network we tok our time to create this webplatform whitch bring more then 20 website under one big community. Trought the redWeb magazin you will find all our work fast and easy!

The red Vision

Work and talent combine to gain success

Our Vision and Mission

The exponentional creation of Entertainment choice trought the daily growing devellopment from new Technologie witch allow us to create an world wide Artist connection. With adds and donation we can continue creating great content with our partners. our Vision is to grow together with you to make us being able to make some projects for the planet and for the people who needs help.


from Pop over Rap or Rock and Ambient we produced music that we love


Dicover our work behin the camera!

Online Marketing

We help artists to gain more visibility on th internet

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My RedWeb

Alles was KOSTENLOS ist

New Free Beat from SNAKOBEAT

Download now for free on

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Listen to Street Orphan's mixtape preview | Release Saturday 9th Sept 2017 at 6PM | LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE

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Knight's Table - Street Orphan Interview (Episode 1)

Revival Radio host The Brain Cell interviews UK based rapper STREET ORPHAN.

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QUE - OG BOBBY JOHNSON ( remix by snako beatz )

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Listen to that crazy Beat

New Crazy TRAP Instrumental by snakobeatz

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Artists Promotion & collaboration

We are searching for unsigned artists who try to make their money independently from Major labels.

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Ideology, and the New Sociology

Come and feel free to debate about various philosophal subject

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We want you to debate

Come and feel free to debate about various spiritual subject

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Redpiix more then Photos

Discover a few Video on the 06RZ youtube chanel

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SB Studio - SpiegelBild Studio

We are building up the Headquarter more info coming ...

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Yana G from Orlando USA

Yana G is about to release her new tape be ready

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Tristess member of the Band Hypnagogia

Bassist and guitarist discover his univers soon

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oSe creation is your Webmaster

More about me coming soon I'm focusing on the Artist we're promoting ...

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On our Platform you will find all our Partners

During the beta , not all our Partners will be displayed

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Your Feedback matters

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Any question ?

Just comment or create a new Threat

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Security and privacy is guaranty on redweb

We never will give your content and data to a third party organisation or to any Government

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We are the RED Family ... all about art & activism

Her you will find more information about our Family

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Discover Yana-G from Orlando

New Release coming soon stay tune

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SBS SpiegelBild Studio by 06RZ building up

We are Building the fifth Studio This Time it will be something BIG!

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Hypnagogia | Ambient music

... Relax & enjoy the trip

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New Free Beat from SNAKOBEAT

Download now for free on

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Welcome in the Street Orphan Community

For the release of his new Mixtape Street Orphan join the Red Community !

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The Last release from 06RZ - ADDICTION from oSe - Creation

Check out the last video on youtube, enjoy and share!

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Thanx REDpiix and his great work

the design from the my-RedWeb platform was created by REDpiix

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Insane Instrumental by snakobeatz

Go check out the playlist now, a new crazy drop today

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All about Music we're coming

Wellcome in the community, come and join us today

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Populäre Themen

Codes for Art and Freedom

The Redplatform is created and designed from artist and activist. We give you more then a website we bring a message with our codes