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About my-redWeb

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E verything starts with music but over the years we’ve been making less music and more education trying to accomplish something good on earth. my-redWeb arise from a wish of charity, but we also have had the feeling to lose ourselves as artist and needed to get back to the roots creating amazing music. We, the my-redWeb team finally find a way how to realize ourselves as well as building up a profitable company which profit, we hope to be able to reinject into charities soon.

Due to advertising campaign and our website programming skills we’re able to help independent artiste to make a good promotion and to share our Knowledge, life-experience and ideologies for free through the world wide web. With our music studio “SpiegelBildStudio“ and our visual studio “RedpiiX“ we gain money to pay our bills and create charities. We start summer 2018 an hope to begin changing this world in the coming years. Follow us be a part of the my-redWeb community to help us making big things happened.


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